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It's not often that I jump in to another competition from just competing at one.

After Rome, I signed up for NAGA. They had a masters division and I had never competed at the event before.

A few days before, I got a chest infection. I had a bad cough and a cold, but I had no option but to compete.

The No gi was first and i lost my match. There were only two of us, so my opponent won the taught after belt. They had made an open class division so that a heavier lady could compete. I had a match with her and lost. She won the belt for that division.

I was struggling, but had a little chat with myself and got myself together, and fought the same lady in the Gi as I did in the no gi. I struggled, but pushed myself through. I had an arm bar that was close, but not close enough to stop the fight. I won by decision and won the belt that I so badly wanted to show off to my friends and family.

You're only as good as the team you train with. This is for my Gracie Barra Southend professor and team mates. You're all awesome.

#NAGA #gbsouthend #graciebarra #ukwomensbjj #jiujitsuwomen #womenssport

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