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Addiction and the power of now

When you start training in this wonderful sport we call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There is something so mesmerising about having your ass handed to you on a plate. Is it our ego slowly being suffocated and fighting for air? Maybe it is, and it's telling us that if we give it another round, we might just be able to fight off and beat that person who has been training a little bit longer, with a bit more experience and knowledge of the sport. Only if we use brutal strength and force, we could get out of these arm locks, gi chokes and legs locked in to a triangle round our necks.

We get beaten, tossed around on the mats, but still go back for more. What is it that keeps us moving forward and sending us backwards wanting more? Our mind is in a state of nothing, no distractions from the outside world, just there on the mats with our sparring partner in front of us.

Mistake after mistake, tap after tap. We go back for more.

As a white belt, complete beginner, you step on the mats and know nothing of whats to come and where this journey will take you. You have a taste, enjoy it, then train some more. Your journey is beginning. A class now and again isn't enough, so while you're figuring out your schedule and trying to fit this new sport in to your life, you comit to the one class per week, but that isn't enought either. So you take on two classes per week, and thats when you start learning. The knowledge is sinking in and something is starting to make sense. You still have no idea what you are doing, but something is keeping you there.

Your two classes per week turn in to three, then soon four classes. You're still not really sure what is keeping you there. Even the nights when you want to cry because you're frustrated, nothing is working and you have no idea why you love this sport.

Then one day, just out of the blue, about six months in to training, it clicks. The feeling you get when you come off the mat, the sweaty messy hair, tangled pony tail and bright cheeks. You love the feeling of being in the moment and having nothing to think about but jiu jitsu. That bad day at the office was completely forgotten about during 5 rounds of sparring. Jiu jitsu is not a thinkers sport, it's a sport to get away from it all. Jiu jitsu is therapy for your soul and a chance to live in the now.

When you train in a sport where you must not think of anything, you have to be in the moment, and its the moment that becomes the addiction. This is the power of now.

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