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About me


My name is Jolie Boyle and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt. My journey started on Sunday 31st May at a women's open mat in 2011. 

After being completely smashed and thrown around by some slender, technical but strong jiu jitsu women, I was instantly hooked. 

My journey has been a rollercoaster, but a fun one. Hard work paid off and after competing at some prestigious competitions around the world, and have some achievements to include:

White Belt

European Bronze Medalist 2013

Blue Belt

British Champion 2013

World Master Silver Medalist 2013

Rome Champion & Absolute Champion 2014

European No Gi Champion & Silver Absolute 2014

World Master Champion 2014

Purple Belt

Rome Absolute Champion 2016

NAGA Champion London 2016

World Master Bronze Medalist 2016

European Silver Medalist 2017

European Master Champion & Absolute 2017

Brown Belt

British National No Gi Champion 2018

World Master Bronze Medalist 2018

Dublin No Gi Champion 2018

Pan Absolute Champion 2019

I am on the council for the UKBJJA and head the women's committee for the UKBJJA. Our aim is for the sport to be recognised and accepted and help the growth among women and young girls in the UK. It's an exciting time for Jiu Jitsu, as each year the sport grows due to the positive influence and hard work from those who teach, train, compete and support this sport. 

I often run women's open mat's to help more women train together who may otherwise only have male team mates to train with. 

As a Jiu Jitsu athlete, I am supported by the UK's coolest BJJ brand's, Scramble. Not only is the fight wear cool, they are too. I'm proud to represent them in training and competitions. 

I train with Daniel Lewis of Saint Albans BJJ and Chris Heerey of Heerey BJJ, both under Nick Brookes of Mill Hill BJJ. 

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